Build pixel-perfect UI faster.

Contrast is a Storybook Addon that automatically tells you the difference between your code and Figma designs. It's like a spell-checker for UI.

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It's a better way to build frontend. It's a handoff tool that tells you the difference between your code and designs. You can use it in Storybook and it makes building UI blazingly fast.
This is Contrast.

Always build 100% to spec. Automatically know the difference between your code and designs. Say goodbye to constantly opening DevTools, guessing & checking, and endless QA bugs.

Developing frontend has never been this fast. Contrast is the first handoff tool built for component-driven teams. Start building better frontend, faster.

Where code meets design. Develop components and inspect designs all in Storybook. No tab hopping, memorizing, and context-switching.
Components and docs on-deck. Link your Stories to Figma components. See your actual code & docs when inspecting designs—not useless CSS.
Spacing built for developers. Say goodbye to redlines and hello to padding and margin.
Specs that make sense. Sync your tokens and variables from your codebase to view them in the designs.

Easily integrated. Contrast is deeply integrated with the tools you use and love. Helping your team and system stay in-sync.

Mirror your Figma. Figma files stay mirrored in Contrast—down to the exact pixel. If you make a change in FIgma, it will automatically update in Contrast.
Keep tab of your tickets. Create, view, and open Linear issues directly from Contrast.
Stay chatting. Get notified of any updates in your Slack channels.

And that's just the beginning. Contrast is packed with features to help your team stay organized and aligned.


Collaborate, comment and observe cursors in real-time.


Use your keyboard and our command line to get work done faster.


Leave comments, @mention teammates, and reply directly on the designs.

Export everything

Download any asset. Never mark layers as exportable again.


Inspect designs in a canvas, sidebar, or grid view.

Light & dark

Work during the day or night with two beautiful themes.

Multiple teams

Create separate workspaces to best suit your needs.

Mac & Windows

Download our Mac or Windows app to work in a distraction-free zone.

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