Buy made in america

The Contrast debit card gives you cash-back when you buy Made in America.
You support American business and get rewarded for it.

Shop at Made in America Brands
& Get Rewarded

With the Contrast debit card you can now show your support and get up to 10% cash-back on top.

You get all this

Buying from American brands is something you care about. Now get cash-back when you swipe.

Mobile app

Control your card securely, manage your cash-back and find new places to shop

Debit card

Spend anywhere you'd like, deposit checks, and access our network of ATMs.

Cash back

Get cash-back up to 10% when you shop at our partner merchants.

Support USA-made

We pledge 1% of our profits to go back to small businesses that make their goods here in the USA.

Serious cash-back

American Blossom Linens
American Blossom Linens
% cash-back
% cash-back
% cash-back
The Ridge
The Ridge
% cash-back
% cash-back
Pingree Detroit
Pingree Detroit
% cash-back

Put your money where your heart is

If supporting homegrown US business matters to you more than airline miles, this is the debit card for you.

What people are saying

My family and I are from Detroit. We know what it’s like when thousands of jobs get shipped overseas. Most of our friends lost their jobs or were negatively impacted by pushing manufacturing to other countries. It’s destroyed more lives than I even know. This is why we need to bring back jobs to our country and start buying things that are made over here.

Detroit, MI

As a mother of four, I want to make sure that every toy, appliance, and piece of furniture that I buy is safe and high quality. One of the best ways that I do this is by buying stuff that is local and made in our country.

South Carolina

I only buy Made In America products. My husband and two of my brothers served to protect this country, and I want to do what I can to support American workers, businesses, and the economy. It’s time to put our money where our mouths are and buy American.

Midland, TX

I think we need to do a better job of supporting our communities and economy. We should help support local businesses, buy American-made goods, and bring jobs back to our country instead of arguing about politics the whole time.

Chicago, IL

American manufacturing is the backbone of our country. I think buying Made In The USA is one of the best ways to support other hardworking Americans.

Dallas, TX

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