Are Cabela’s Products Made in USA?

Cabela's is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts in America. Cabela's was founded in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela and is based in Sidney in Nebraska. Cabela's started as a mail-order catalog, however, they quickly grew and opened their first retail stores over the next decade. Cabela's sells everything, from hunting and fishing equipment to boating, camping and shooting gear as well as tons of clothing, accessories, and many other items. Cabela's was purchased by Bass Pro Shops in 2016, for $5.5 billion.

Cabela's is different from the brands we usually talk about. They are a retailer store with thousands SKUs of different brands. However, they are a very popular destination.

Are Cabela's products Made in USA?

Many of the SKUs Cabela's sells aren't made in America. They do carry some products that they brand and brands that are domestically made (867 SKUs, based on our calculations).

Given the variety of brands Cabela's stocks in stores, this news is not surprising. It is disappointing that the majority of their products aren't listed in the online store with the country of origin. While you can do some secret shopping in their stores, it is possible to shop online as well. However, transparency is a good thing for more customers.

Cabela's does however indicate that products are made in America in product descriptions. We found that roughly 7 percent of their total SKUs are labeled "made in the USA".

That said, Cabela's is a place where you need to be careful. Most of the products that they sell are made in China or other countries. However, you might find some great deals if you look hard enough.