Are Lil Critters Vitamins Made in USA?

Vitafusion is America's largest producer of multivitamins, gummies. Lil Critters is a children’s vitamin and supplement brand. Vitafusion is best known for its Adult-Oriented MultiVites brand, which includes gummies and once daily vitamin supplements. The company continues its legacy of excellence in health supplementation markets with its Lil Critters brand.

Lil Critters is committed to offering children the best nutritional supplements. Each product under the Lil Critters brand is designed with children in mind. Lil Critters has a gummy for every child, no matter what their dietary preferences. Its gentleness on the stomach is actually one of the best things about Lil Critters. Are they manufactured in the USA? This is our verdict.

Are Lil Critters Vitamins made in the USA?

All Lil Critters Kids' Gummy vitamins are made in the USA. However, not all ingredients can be sourced domestically. After a quick phone call to their support team, we discovered this.

This is a fairly standard situation for the vitamins-and-supplement industry, although it is disappointing. Brands are often forced to seek out sourcing partners abroad because of the difficulty in sourcing certain ingredients.

One area where I would like to see Lil Critters improve is their transparency on their website. They claim that all products are made in America. This statement should clearly be marked with an asterisk.

They are very careful about what ingredients they use, no matter if they come from domestic or foreign sources. Here are some of the most sought-after vitamins.