Are Pelican Coolers Made In USA?

Dave Parker, a scuba diver enthusiast, created the first safety products for divers in 1976 from his Torrence garage. After creating the 'Pelican Float,' his first invention, which he used as a way to identify locations for divers, Dave set out to make waterproof, sturdy cases. Initially meant to hold first aid kits, this soon grew into creating high-performance temperature-controlled airtight cases.

Pelican bags are rugged, water-resistant, waterproof, and can be used for heavy duty tasks, including law enforcement, firefighting and military. Pelican cases are available for all types of guns, ammo, vehicles, everyday use, and accessories. You can also find bags, coolers, portable lights, and drinkware at the store.

Pelican is so confident in the performance and durability of its products, they offer a lifetime guarantee on hard-sided coolers. After 45 years of designing these coolers, we are curious if Pelican coolers are made in the USA. We did the research.

Are Pelican Coolers made in the USA?

Pelican coolers are mostly made in the USA. However, there are some that are made elsewhere, these coolers are usually soft-sided.

The product pages clearly state that they are American-made, with a stamp that says "Made in the USA" under the product description and on the image of the cooler's top. We are currently contacting their team for more information about manufacturing and materials.

Some pages of their cooler products don't include the "Made in the USA" stamp. This suggests that they are not. They don't indicate where the products were manufactured or where they came from.

They also offer a lifetime guarantee with their "Made in the USA" products. This guarantee is not available for products that do not carry this stamp. Pelican has been contacted by the AAR team to determine the country of origin for these products.

Pelican, which can still be found at Torrence, has 200,000 square feet manufacturing space. However, Pelican, which is now a multinational business, operates globally with 11 manufacturing plants, 23 international sales offices and multiple service centers.

While it's great to see that so many of their coolers still come from the USA, it would be useful if they provided more information about where other products are made and where materials are sourced.