Are Polar Bottles Made in USA?

Polar Bottle was founded in 1994 with one simple vision: To offer water lovers the pleasure of drinking cool, clean water from anywhere. What is the most fascinating part? It all began with two cyclists, Robert Heiberger, and Judy Amabile, in a Boulder garage.

Polar Bottle takes pride in being the first insulated sports bottles, which helped them gain early popularity with outdoor and biking communities. They had grown tired of hot water while riding long distances and wanted a better solution.

They are available at thousands of retailers across the United States, as well as 42 other countries. They are also an official product of the USA Paralympics and Olympics.

They have remained true to their principles of innovation and quality twenty years later. Their bottles are BPA- and phthalate free and they still have their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. However, their garage has been upgraded.

Polar Bottle has remained true to its Colorado roots for more than twenty years. But does this mean that the bottles are still made in America? We did the research to discover the answer.

Are Polar Bottles Made In USA?

All Polar Bottle products are made in Colorado with materials sourced from Denver and Garden City, Missouri. All products are shipped from their Longmont, Colorado office.

Polar Bottle makes it very clear on their website where their products are made and where they are sourced. This is a great thing considering that the US has not mandated them to.

They are committed to local jobs and supporting their local economy. They source materials from Missouri-based businesses. They are passionate about staying local and preserving Colorado's roots through clean living and respecting the environment. Polar Bottle donates thousands in products each year to conservation groups.

They are also committed to reducing their environmental impact by manufacturing locally and sourcing materials locally. It is a great thing that water bottles are refillable and come with a lifetime guarantee to keep plastic from going to landfills.