Buffalo Jackson Made In USA Wallet Review

Buffalo Jackson Made In USA Wallet Review

Our review of the Buffalo Jackson Ryder Reserve Bison Wallet looks at their rugged made-in-the-USA wallet.

Buffalo Jackson started in 2009 in much the same way as other great American companies – in a garage. With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, the founders set out to re-create quality American manufacturing with a large selection of leather goods. 

Buffalo Jackson Ryder Reserve Bison Wallet

The Buffalo Jackson Wallet

Buffalo Jackson wallets are traditional hard-working, hard-wearing wallets. With American-sourced buffalo leather, these are the classic type of wallets you can pass down to the next generation. They aren't minimalist like Ridge or Dango, but they are sturdy, well built, and make a statement about the owner. 

What types of wallets does Buffalo Jackson offer?

Buffalo Jackson also offers an extensive line of bags, cases, tech organization, jackets, and more for both women and men.

Our use case

The Buffalo Jackson Ryder Reserve Bison wallet offers the perfect mix of ruggedness and sophistication. You could wear it with a suit in the city or jeans in the country. It has a large storage capacity with a few hidden compartments and other compartments for essential paperwork or business cards. The section for cash is also large, and you can stuff bills, notes, or receipts. Just be sure to take them out at the end of the day. 

From the Reviewer – 

I like how classy the wallet looks and how it complements the line of my suits. This is not just a ruggedly well-built wallet; it's a statement and a work of art. 

Why you need a traditional wallet

Minimalist and modular wallets such as Dango and Ridge have their use cases, but so do traditional wallets. To start with, a traditional wallet is a simpler way to go. You won't need to carry both a minimalist wallet and a money clip. Everything is together in one elegant piece. This is the type of wallet that both Don Draper and James Bond could agree on. If you want a wallet for functionality as well as style, Buffalo Jackson might be the right choice for you.

Using the Buffalo Jackson wallet

From the reviewer - 

I love the rough but high-quality bison leather used in this wallet. The fit and finish looks rustic but feels like a baseball glove. There's more than enough room for my credit cards, insurance cards, ID cards, and cash. Based on the feeling of this wallet and the luxurious smell of the leather, I'd would Definity pull the trigger for other Buffalo Jackson products. I feel that this wallet and their other products can last for decades, not years.

The buying experience for Buffalo Jackson

We purchased our bifold Ryder Reserve Bison straight off the website. The buying process was easy. We do suggest you sign up first and register. Shipping was free. Buffalo Jackson sells products on Amazon; however, at this article's time, everything appears to be sold out. Besides, you can buy direct and pay the same amount. Shipping only took a few days, and the packaging was very nice. The wallet came in a nice fabric bag, which our reviewer plans to use as a cover for his camera lens.

It could be better if…

The wallet is well made but could have more pockets, especially in the billfold area. There is no RFID option available, and they should consider that option in some of their wallets.


Pricing for the USA-made wallet is excellent, considering the leather and craftsmanship.


Who sells Buffalo Jackson wallets? 

Buffalo Jackson products are for sale on their website. They also seem to have a store on Amazon, but as of the article, no products are available on Amazon. It's better to go to their site.

Are Buffalo Jackson wallets TSA-approved?

We can't see why the TSA would reject any Buffalo Jacksons goods, including their wallets. There are no sharp edges or tools.

Are Buffalo Jackson wallets good?

We love their style and quality. This wallet can last decades. 

Where are Buffalo Jackson wallets made? 

All Buffalo Jackson products are Made In USA.

Are Buffalo Jackson wallets good for rear pocket carry?

Buffalo Jackson wallets make great front or rear pocket carry. 

Do Buffalo Jackson wallets offer RFID protection?

No, RFID protection is not available.

How many cards can the Buffalo Jackson wallet hold?

In our test sample we found it held up to 10 cards plus some paperwork and currency.