What You Should Know Before You Buy Made in USA Clothing

Made in USA Clothing is a growing trend that won't be going away any time soon. You might be interested in Made in USA clothing if you care about the environment, fair workers' rights and high-quality clothing.

Why Made in USA Clothing is Important

The fashion industry has a poor reputation for being a major pollutant of carbon emission across the globe. Many conscious shoppers now choose to buy sustainable clothing brands such as Made in USA because they are better for the planet.

A lot of clothing made in unethical ways overseas is fast fashion, as you may not have realized. It is likely that clothing manufactured overseas uses cheap/toxic dyes and cheap synthetic fabrics. The factories where the clothing is made also dispose of unheard of quantities of waste, without taking into account the environment. This is the reason why fashion has had such a negative impact on the environment. Global emissions are also caused by the distance involved in transporting material and products around the globe.

We, as consumers, are now looking for clothing that is good for the environment. Made in USA clothing is more popular and there's a Slow Fashion Movement where more clothing companies are creating sustainable business models that will benefit the planet and their customers like you.

We have listed the top five things to know about Made in USA clothing. These are the top five benefits of American Made clothing. They will get you excited to shop for quality Made in USA threads during COVID-19.

1. Made in USA is Sustainable

One solid way to shop for clothing more sustainably is with Made in USA clothing. Made in USA clothing is more durable than clothing made abroad for two reasons.

Online orders can be delivered to your home directly from the United States if you shop locally. Shipping internationally uses a lot of fossil fuels, and pollutes both the ocean and the air as your shipment reaches the States from China or other faraway countries. These countries are not close to America so they travel thousands of miles over the ocean to reach you.

Most clothes that we purchase are made in factories. Because there are not strict federal regulations and rules in place, many factories in China and other countries are not well regulated.

As you might imagine, they produce clothing without thinking about the environment. They use toxic chemicals and release unheard-of amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

This waste pollutes the air, water and soil in countries like China. However, the United States has strict regulations for factories that must adhere to environmental standards. This makes it impossible for poor environmental practices to be allowed.

2. Made in USA supports fair labor practices & wages

You support fair labor practices and fair wages by ordering clothing from Made in USA brands. It's the gold standard for American factories to offer safe and healthy working conditions, and their workers a fair living wage.

Fair labor practices in factories abroad are difficult to find because they aren’t as well-regulated as the United States. This is a sad fact. You hear of factories in overseas using child labor, unhealthy working conditions, and paying unfair wages. Remember that Made in USA clothing means you support fair labor practices and fair wages for workers.

3. Made In USA is High Quality

Made in USA clothing is guaranteed to be high quality and last a long time. Made in USA clothing brands are passionate about the quality of the sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other garments they make. They are doing this because they want to make superior products.

Made in USA manufacturing has higher quality control and more precise cut, sew and dye processes.

Made in USA clothing brands won't source the most expensive fabrics or dyes in order to make their clothes. American-Made clothing brands prefer the best quality fabrics, which are often some of the most eco-friendly fabrics such as Hemp, Organic Cotton, or Pima Cotton. Made in USA clothing brands will not use toxic dyes like vegetable, fruit or plant dyes to color their clothes.

4. The Added Satisfaction of Buying Made in USA

What has shopping conscious taught people? They feel instant satisfaction knowing they are helping the environment and supporting brands that are doing their bit to preserve the environment. You'll also be rewarded for shopping sustainably by knowing that your carbon footprint is low, which is an important step towards protecting the environment.