Dango Made In USA Wallet Review

Our review examines Dang0's made-in-the-USA A10 Adapt modular wallet.

It’s past due time for an American made minimalist wallet to be in your pocket.

Dango Products started in 2015 and makes wallets, belts, watches (with Swiss movements), and many more products manufactured in the USA. We’ve been a fan for a long time, and love how they have diversified their line-up. In this review we talk about the Dango wallet.

The Dango Wallet

Dango wallets are modular, meaning you can add accessories to use them in different ways depending on your daily needs. Maybe you need to carry a lot of cash, but only have a few cards. Or maybe you have a lot of cards but don’t need cash. They have you covered no matter what. With over six general types of wallets and endless color and accessory combinations, there’s a wallet system that will fit your exact needs. It’s easy to choose different colors and accessories on their website.

What types of wallets does Dango offer?

  • Tactical wallets – Wallets that can also be used to for a last-ditch self-defense tool.
  • ID wallets – Wallets designed to show an ID on the outside to easily get in and out of secured buildings.
  • Bifold wallets – More traditional but still minimalist wallets which can carry more cards and cash.

Some of the more well-known wallet systems from Dango include the Dango M1 Maverick wallet (no relation to a certain fighter pilot), the Dango tactical wallet, the Dango Spec-op wallet, the Dango Dapper wallet and the Dango A10 wallet.

Best use cases

With a large card capacity and the compartment for holding some paperwork the A10 Adapt bifold wallet was my perfect choice. I needed a wallet that can hold my cards, my insurance and vehicle information, and cash. I didn’t pick the cool-looking tactical wallet because I often enter buildings with security checks, and I’d hate to have my wallet confiscated. I also didn’t select an outside ID wallet because I already have a different ID badge holder system.] 

Why you need a minimalist wallet

Most men’s wallets are bifold, made of leather, and much larger than they need to be. Because of their larger size, many men – yes, we too are guilty – begin stuffing them with things they don’t need to carry. Minimalist wallets avoid that issue because you can’t over-stuff them, and because of their smaller size, they look great with whatever pants you’re wearing. Keeping a minimalist wallet in your front pocket also helps avoid pickpocket theft. 

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The A10 Adapt Dango Wallet with an SD card for size

Using the Dango wallet

Moving from my current wallet into the Dango was easy, and on the whole, I found the wallet to be capable, solid, and stylish. Also, I love that it’s made in the USA, and I’m sure if you’re on this site, you will too. It’s crafted of machined aluminum and DTEX material – which is a type of high-end plastic.]

The A10 Adapt bifold includes an internal aluminum shell and exterior DTEX that can hold up to 12 cards. Additionally, on this and a few other wallets, there is a hidden compartment that can hold a spare key, an SD card, vehicle information, or whatever else you might carry. This modular wallet is perfect in that regard, as everything has its place. We didn’t order the clip attachment to hold cash but found you could easily stuff some money into one of the credit card slots.

There is a space for a Dango pen, and you could also put a Dango notepad in one of the pockets. Be careful when adding accessories as that could increase your cost quickly. But overall, we think the pricing is more than fair for a wallet of this quality made in the USA. 

It could be better if…

Bundling some of the options could help some customers save some money. They could also add an ID window to the outside DTEX part of the wallet.


Pricing for the USA-made wallet is average but can get higher depending upon the system and options offered.


The Dango wallet system(s) uses a great modular approach which makes the wallet customizable for users. Quality and design are premium. There are also a few collector editions available. 


Who sells Dango wallets? 

Dango wallets are for sale on the Dango website, Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers. <insert affiliate link>

Are Dango wallets TSA approved?

The TSA doesn’t approve any wallet. However, The TSA does have standards against weapons including knives. Therefore, not all of the Dango wallets will meet TSA standards. We caution against using tactical type wallets or any wallets with sharp edged surfaces including tools for your flight. We would also advise you not to carry those type of wallets into any secured location or in states that ban concealed weapons.

Are Dango wallets good?

We love our Dango wallets and rate them as excellent in terms of functionality and value. They look great too. 

Where are Dango wallets made? 

All Dango wallets are made in the USA.

Are Dango wallets good for rear pocket carry?

Dango wallets make great front or rear pocket carry. 

Do Dango wallets offer RFID protection?

Dango sells RFID wallet protective wallet cards which can be used in any wallet.

How many cards can the Dango wallet hold?

In our test sample we found it held up to 12 cards, but other wallets can hold up to 16 cards. 

How to put Dango wallet together?

Dango wallets come pre-assembled and parts slide on. There are screws and wallets can be taken apart and put together with accessories.

How to use bottle opener on Dango wallet?

You can use the bottle opener in the same way as any other. 

What kind of screw is used in Dango wallets?

Dango wallets use #1-72 X 1/8 steel screws available in black or silver. A .050” hex tool is needed for removal or installation of the screws.