Is Dewalt Made in USA?

Major tool companies have learned that it is economically sensible to establish factories in countries with low labor costs and lax laws. However, some of the best tools available in America are still made here. While a few U.S.-based toolmakers have a strong reputation, they tend to make their tools in the United States using materials from around the world. Others are specialty or small-scale toolmakers.

Are Dewalt Tools Made In USA?

DeWalt is one of the most recognized names in power tools. They manufacture hundreds of hand tools and power tools. Many of these tools are made in America with global materials. Air compressors, impact drivers/hammer drills and reciprocating saws are just a few of the U.S.-assembled products. DeWalt started a Made in the USA initiative in 2013. Today, it has manufacturing facilities in seven American towns. In 2015, DeWalt opened a new plant in Greenfield (Indiana). DeWalt has seven US-based plants. The tools they produce are labeled "Made in America with global materials." This means that the components and raw materials used to make these American-made tools are sourced from around the world based on price, availability, and quality.

You should also be aware that DeWalt's tools can also be made in China, Brazil and Italy so make sure you check the label when buying. 

Understanding DeWalt’s Emphasis On American Manufacturing

DeWalt has been trying to demonstrate its patriotism regarding manufacturing in recent years. DeWalt faced backlash from customers in the 2000s because of its outsourcing of manufacturing. The company released a press release in 2013 indicating that they would begin manufacturing tools with foreign parts.

The success of the PR campaign has led to a dramatic increase in the number of tools made in America since 2013. Not all tools are manufactured in America, and not all materials are made here. Check the status of each tool you are interested in purchasing.

How Many Tools Does DeWalt Make In America?

DeWalt has over 100 products that it manufactures in the United States at the time of writing this article. This includes a variety of hand tools and power tools. It remains to be seen how many tools and accessories will be produced in the coming years, but it seems promising.

Their Flexvolt 2.5-Gallon Cordless Aircompressor Kit, 4-Piece Max XR Combo Kit and a variety of their impact driver kits are some of their most popular American-made tools that exist. Many of their most well-known hand tools, such as their utility knives, tape measures, and handsaws, have American roots and are also manufactured on home soil.