Is Lilly Pulitzer Made in USA?

Lilly Pulitzer, a famous clothing brand, was founded in Florida in 1959. It was named after Lilly Pulitzer who was a socialite and the husband of several citrus grove owners. He gave her his produce and she opened a juice stand in Palm Beach. She squeezed the oranges, lemons limes, limes, pink grapefruits herself. Her clothes were stained by the juices, so she asked her dressmaker for a uniform to hide them. It was a cotton sleeveless dress with bright colors of yellow, green, yellow and orange.

Pulitzer loved the dresses and so she quit her job at the juice stand to launch a new venture. To design and sell "Lilly", she became the president of her own company.

The brand received a huge boost when Pulitzer's former classmate and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was featured in Life magazine in a Lilly shift dress.

Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. was closed down in 1984. In 1993, Sugartown Worldwide, Inc. purchased the rights to this brand. Oxford Industries, Inc. purchased Sugartown Worldwide, Inc. in 2010. It is still the parent company for the Lilly Pulitzer brand.

The main factory of Lilly Pulitzer, Inc., was in Miami, Florida, when it was launched. Key West Hand Print Fabrics also manufactured the fabric in Florida. Is Lilly Pulitzer clothing still made in America? We dug in, see our verdict below.

Is Lilly Pulitzer Made in USA?

No. After reviewing a wide variety of Lilly Pulitzer products, it is clear that it the brand is not Made in the USA.