Is Tender & True Dogfood Made in USA?

Tender & True, a brand new company, is a classic middle America business. It is independent owned and based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Tender & True was founded in 2014 and aims to be the market leader in humanely raised pet food. The movement of "farm to plate" is part of the growing trend in organic food.

Tender and True strives for organic "farm-to-bowl" pet food. To get the best ingredients at the lowest price, they had to have great relationships with growers and fisheries. In 2014, their pet food was first to be certified as using no antibiotics. They formed a partnership in 2015 with the Marine Stewardship Council so that they could only use sustainable, certified fish.

They go through rigorous testing to make sure that their products contain organic and sustainable ingredients.

Tender & True is not a company that aims to sell pet food at a low price. This product is for pet owners who are looking for natural, sustainable food that they can feed their pets.

Tender & True is made in the USA, but are all of its products? We did the digging to find out. Below is our verdict.

Is Tender & True Dog Food be Made in the USA?

Tender & True makes all their dog food in the U.S., sources a lot of their ingredients domestically and some international ingredients.

This news is not surprising, as it's pretty common in the pet food industry. It is difficult to find brands that source 100% of their ingredients directly from U.S. farms and sources.

According to our research, Tender & True's international ingredients come from sources that are part of the Global Animal Partnership or MSC Sustainable Seafood Initiative, which both have high quality standards. Their Lamb Jerky Treats and food are made from lamb from New Zealand and Australia. Every batch of their dog food goes through rigorous quality control and regulatory inspections. All ingredients meet strict standards set by AAFCO and FDA.

It would be a shame if they could list the country of origin of some of their main ingredients on their website.

We were also able confirm with their team that no ingredients are sourced from China.