Is Under Armour Made in USA?

Under Armour, Inc. is an American sports equipment company that manufactures footwear, sporting equipment, and casual apparel. The global headquarters of Under Armour are in Baltimore, Maryland and additional offices can be found in Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Houston.

About Under Armour

Kevin Plank was a former special team captain of the University of Maryland Football team. Under Armour was established on September 25, 1996. Plank initially began the business from his grandmother's basement in fullback at The University of Maryland. He grew tired of constantly having to change his sweaty T-shirts. However, his compression shorts he wore during practice kept him dry. Plank was inspired to create a T-shirt from moisture-wicking artificial fabric. After graduating from the University of Maryland he created his first prototype of the shirt. He gave it to his Maryland friends and teammates who went on to play in the NFL. Plank quickly perfected the design, creating a T-shirt made from microfibers, which wicked moisture and kept athletes dry, cool, and lightweight. Major competitors such as Nike and Adidas would soon be following Plank's lead with their own moisture-wicking apparel. Plank chose to use the British spelling armor in his company name, as the vanity number could still be called.

The brand was first noticed by people when a photo of USA Today showed Oakland Raiders quarterback Jeff George in an Under Armour mock turtleneck. After that front page, Under Armour made its first major sale when an equipment manager at Georgia Tech ordered 10 shirts from Plank. This deal led to deals with NC State and Arizona State as well as other Division 1 football clubs. Positive reviews from players led to increased orders. Under Armour also launched several new apparel lines that year, including TurfGear and StreetGear. By the end 1996, 500 Under Armour HeatGear shirts had been sold. This generated $17,000 for the company. Plank received $100,000 in orders in 1997 and set up a factory in Ohio in order to produce the shirts.

Is Under Armour Made in USA?

Today, Under Armour produces most of their products outside of the USA. The company started with a line of tees that were wicked for Baltimore- DC football players. Later, it expanded to offer a variety of products.

The company is headquartered in the United States and has expanded to be present in many countries and continents around the globe. It currently operates in six segments.

Many products aren't made in America, and instead fall under the production lines of Eastern nations and China.

Where are Under Armour's Factories Located?

This global brand has factories in many countries, including America. Its satellite businesses will be relocated to Eastern countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Six main suppliers account for nearly half of the company’s products. These suppliers include Mexico, China, Taiwan, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

One of Under Armour's employees stated that the main producers of their products were located in El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico. Statistics show that approximately 65% of production is in Asia and 14% in Central America. 5% are Mexican-produced.

A closer look at the company’s factories list reveals several smaller plants. These factories produce apparel and footwear in Brazil, Egypt and Georgia as well as Israel and Haiti. As the demand for footwear is increasing, so are Turkey and Singapore.

Where are Under Armour's distribution locations?

The company has many distributors and marketers throughout the world because it continues to grow in different locations than the United States.

Part of the Under Armour distribution cell's segments are Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), parts of Latin America, Canada and, of course, North America.

There are also electronic or virtual subscription options that fall under the distribution media umbrella. Connected Fitness allows members to sign-up for subscriptions online and also offers online marketing platforms. These platforms include MyFitnessPal and Endomondo.