Is Yeti Made In USA?

YETI offers premium coolers, drinkware, and duffel bags as well as other miscellaneous products. These coolers have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade, along with other rotomolded cooler brands such as RTIC. They are known for their ability to keep goods ice-cold for up to seven days. This is much longer than an Igloo or Coleman cooler. There are many products available, and each one is manufactured in different regions. Let's get into the details of each product.

Are YETI Coolers Made in USA?

Very little of Yeti’s product line is actually Made in USA.

Yeti's 2021 Annual Report provides more information about the countries where Yeti's coolers are manufactured.

“Many of our core products are manufactured in the United States, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia.

“In addition, we have third-party manufacturing partners in Mexico and Italy.”

Yeti Holdings mentions in the report that the diversity of locations here is the result of active efforts to avoid “concentration risk” in its supply chains, a strategy it will continue to pursue.

“We are pursuing a higher diversification of manufacturing partners, with both sourcing and geographical advantages and, over time, intend to shift the current allocation of production to a better balance among them.”

YETI claims that their Tundra series coolers are made in the USA at facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They don't specify which location made what percentage of their coolers, nor do they have any markings to indicate that information. All of their drinkware, soft hopper coolers and small accessories are made in China.

It is also important to note that Yeti does not own any factories. It relies on a number of contract manufacturers to make the products it designs. They are currently working with Plastics Professionals and Centro Incorporated as well as Solar Plastics and Dutchland Plastics.