The Best Made in USA Phone Cases & Screen Protectors

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protectors

ArmorSuit screen protectors are excellent for all smartphones and tablets, including Samsung phones, iPhones, iPads and LG phones. ArmorSuit doesn't contain tempered glass, but is made from a military-grade film that "self heals” minor scratches and conforms with the curves and rounded edges on newer phones such as the Galaxy S10 or S20. My ArmorSuit Screen Protection is excellent. However, I do keep my phone safe and secure in my pocket. This unique process produces a clear, bubble-free application that is unlike any other protectors (follow the video instructions). You should get an Armorsuit Screen Protector that is compatible with your phone case. This will allow for more space around the edges. After three years of daily use, I haven’t experienced any problems with mine. ArmorSuit offers a lifetime warranty if you have any issues.

Magpul Phone Cases

Magpul cases are a trusted choice for my phone. These cases can be easily slipped into your pocket and are textured for better grip. They also offer shock protection against falls. The cutouts for the camera, mic, charging cable and buttons are accurate and won't cause distortions like Otterbox or LifeProof cases. Magpul Cases are practical, affordable, and available in a variety colors.

Carved Phone Cases

Carved offers stylish and attractive wood and resin-inlaid iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel cases. Although we have not personally tried any Carved cases yet, they are consistently well-reviewed and look great. They also make limited-edition solid wood phone cases. is the best place to purchase their custom solid wood cases (they do sell on Amazon as well).

WUDN Phone Cases

WUDN crafts their iPhone and Samsung Galaxy case with premium wood designs in Hidden Springs Idaho USA. These cases look amazing. I would have believed they were more expensive than the $29 price and that they were under-priced. There are many styles to choose from, including wood/resin and all-wood inlay.