Ridge Wallet Made In USA Review

Our review of the Black Aluminum Ridge Wallet looks at their slim minimalist metal wallet.

Like a lot of Every Day Carry companies, Ridge started on Kickstarter. Nine years and over 2 million wallets later, their mission remains the same – simplify your daily carry.  Here is the Ridge Wallet Review.

Black Aluminum Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet

Ridge wallets are minimalist inspired card (and cash) holders. Where traditional wallets such as Buffalo Jackson and even some modular wallets such as Dango are bulky and encourage owners to carry more than they should, the Ridge line of wallets is pure minimalism at its best. Take only what you need. File or throw out the rest.

What types of wallets does Ridge offer?

Unlike some of the other wallets we have reviewed, Ridge offers just one type of wallet with multiple options for materials used. The company also offers keychain holders, bags, and a small tray that can attach to one end of the wallet for coins, paperwork, or keys. 

Our use case

The Ridge Black Aluminum wallet that we used for our test sample gives a user pure minimalism. Carrying a minimalist wallet means you only carry your essentials, and not extra receipts, business cards, sticky notes or whatever else. It helps you maintain order as anything that doesn’t fit in this wallet will be taken out of your pocket when you get home, and hopefully put in the right place.

We found that while this wallet is marketed to men, it is also an excellent option for women. The smaller size can be used with the tiny pockets in women’s pants, and with the clip, this wallet can hold all your cards and clip to the inside of your purse – no more searching.

From the Reviewer – This wallet is made from high-grade aluminum and feels space age. I love the look and how simple it is to use. Having RFID protection is a bonus when I’m in busy areas. The clip is especially useful. When I use my every day carry bag, I can clip the wallet to a pocket inside. 

Why you need a minimalist wallet

Traditional wallets often get stuffed with “stuff” you really don’t need. Minimalist wallets force you into keep your daily carry simple and help maintian order in your life. Minimalist wallets also save room in your pockets for other daily carry items.

Using the Ridge wallet

From the reviewer - 

Our test wallet was elegant and simple. No need for any instructions, you simply insert your cards, put it in your pocket or bag and go back to whatever you were doing before. As soon as I opened the box, I knew exactly what to do.]

The buying experience for Ridge

Buying the Ridge wallet off the website was simple and easy. Shipping is free as well if you opt for the longer wait time. The wallet itself came in an elegant box – Apple style – and came complete with a screwdriver as well as a sticker and additional screws. This is a premium feel and experience. You can purchase Ridge wallets from on-line retailers or from physical stores.

It could be better if…

We’d love to see a wallet that opens up more like a traditional billfold type wallet. Having one of the sides open so that an ID could be shown would be great too. But this wallet holds true to the minimalistic aesthetic they strive for.


Pricing for the USA-made wallet is very competitive for this class of wallet.


Who sells Ridge wallets? 

Ridge products are for sale on their website. They are also for sale on Amazon and other retailers both online and in physical locations.

Are Ridge wallets TSA-approved?

None of their wallets have any sharp edges or tools so it should be no problem.

Are Ridge wallets good?

They are high quality works of art made from machined aluminum for some models while other models are made from carbon fiber, titanium and other materials. 

Where are Ridge wallets made? 

All Ridge products are made in the USA.

Are Ridge wallets good for rear pocket carry?

Ridge wallets make great front or rear pocket carry. With a money clip Ridge wallets can be used inside a daily carry bag or women’s purse.

Do Ridge wallets offer RFID protection?

Yes, all wallets are RFID protected.

How many cards can the Ridge wallet hold?

In our test sample we found it held up to 12 cards. 

How to use a Ridge wallet?

Using a Ridge Wallet is simple, all you need to do is place your ID and credit cards inside the two outside metal pieces. The wallet can expand or contract to keep your cards tightly in place.

Are Ridge wallets worth it? 

We highly recommend Ridge wallets for both men and women who are minimalists and want a wallet with RFID protection

Why are Ridge wallets so expensive?

We don’t see Ridge wallets as being expensive and they are competitively priced in their class.

How to put money clip on ridge wallet?

Our test unit came with the money clip attached. To install a money clip on the ridge wallet, you can unscrew the cover plate to remove the money band and insert the money clip. There are six screws in total.

What are the screws for on the Ridge wallet?

Ridge wallets use stainless steel torx screws. The screws can be ordered online. The T-5 torx driver can also be ordered on the Ridge store.