Why You Should Support Veteran-owned Businesses

Veteran-owned businesses lift up industries every single day under the leadership of the men and women who have bravely sacrificed for our country—learn how you can give back.

Each day, members of the U.S. military exit the service and take steps to explore new challenges. For many of these veterans, the path forward is one that involves going into business for themselves, often using skills and talents that they picked up during or after their years of service. Supporting veteran-owned small businesses is a way to celebrate the United States and show support for those who bravely fought to protect it. Let’s explore the reasons why you should support these businesses any time that you can.

It’s a Way of Thanking Veterans For their Service

Above all else, supporting veteran-owned businesses is a way of giving thanks for the sacrifices made by these people. While the average person can attend college or start a business during their teen years, active-duty military members often place their civilian lives on hold for the duration of their time in the military. For some veterans, this can mean starting college anywhere from a few years to a few decades late—and the same can be said for opening a business. When you support these businesses, you show that you appreciate the sacrifices that they made and that you want to see them succeed.

Small Businesses Are Often Veteran-Owned

While there are plenty of small businesses that are owned by civilians, the truth is that veterans are well-known for their interest in opening their own businesses and nonprofits. Veterans, in particular, are known to explore self-employment opportunities after leaving the service, often expanding on their talents and influencing industries for the better. Veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than standard civilians, which means there are plenty of veterans that need local support.

Veteran-Owned Businesses Often Employ Other Veterans

Veterans know better than anyone just how much support veterans need, particularly regarding employment opportunities. A veteran-owned small business is often more likely to provide an accommodating space for other veterans by creating a culture that supports their unique needs. This includes providing general support, financial benefits, and creating a sense of community for veterans in need.

You Support the Local Economy

A veteran-owned business can offer great support for local economies, with veterans often finding ways to enhance and improve the areas around them to support their neighbors. In fact, a 2018 census found that veteran-owned businesses actually employed nearly four million in the United States, and the number has only grown in recent years. This is a notable amount of support for local economies, which in turn helps your local communities grow and thrive.. 

The Takeaway

Members of the U.S. military are always looking for new challenges and ways to improve, but above all else, they want to support the country that they so bravely fought to protect. By choosing to work with veteran-owned small businesses, you are sending the message that you appreciate their efforts and want to continue to see them succeed after their time in the service has come to an end. Whether someone has served for a single deployment or spent the last several decades moving from one base to the next, veterans are intelligent, capable, and driven individuals that want to see America thrive. Let’s help them to meet that goal.