How Contrast Works

Who can use the Contrast debit card?

While our cards work all over the world, U.S. adult residents with a Social Security number are welcome to apply!

Are you a bank?

Contrast is not a bank. We are a financial technology company that offers banking services provided by a partner bank.

How do I add funds to my card?

Adding funds is simple—you can move funds to your Contrast card using your bank or debit card information.

How do I get the Contrast app?

We are opening the product to the public in early Summer 2022. Join the waitlist to reserve your place in line and be one of the first to be allowed onto the platform.

What do you consider "Made in America"?

We offer cash-back at brands that make their products here in America. Here's our full explanation of how we vet our brands.

Do I need a credit check to use Contrast?

No. Contrast is a debit card, not a credit card, so no credit check is needed.

How are you able to offer such good cash-back?

We partner with Made in America brands so that together we can offer our users serious cash-back when you shop at their website. The partner brand gets more business and in exchange they help pay for the cash-back which you receive, right in your Contrast app.

When is the public launch?

Public launch is July 2022!

Contact & Support

I want to talk to a human

Send us an email at support@contrast.app and we'll help you!

Joining the waitlist takes 15 seconds