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Unlimited projects
Unlimited designers
Diff code & design
Storybook, Slack, Linear, & Figma integrations
Connected components & custom Tokens
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/ dev per mo
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Single Sign-on
Advanced user permissions
Centralized teams, libraries, & billing
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Frequently asked questions

Can I try Contrast for free?
You can use Contrast for free during your 30-day trial. This gives you the ability to try all the features in the Team plan. No credit card is required and you can always ask to extend if you need more time :) 
What's the difference between developers & designers?
Developers can inspect designs in Storybook, diff their code against designs, connect components and add tokens, invite new users, create or delete projects, and comment. In the Team and Enterprise plan, developers are pay per seat.
Designers can create or delete projects, sync designs from Figma, connect components & tokens, and comment. Designers are unlimited and free but cannot inspect designs, and diff code against the designs.
Do you qualify for special pricing?
We offer special plans for non-profits, students, and early-stage companies. Contact us to see if you qualify.
How do I change my plan?
You can change your plan in the account settings. All changes are prorated to the day.

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